What Our Customers Are Saying


  • “The feedback on the NBMOA lapel pins has been all positive. People are glad to have a pin...and it is a good looking pin! Thanks again for your work on producing and distributing the pins.”

    Carol Sagers, Executive Director National Black McDonald's Operators Association
  • “Hi Bryan! The speakers were a HUGE hit! The teachers loved them, and we got a lot of positive feedback on them. I haven't heard too much about the pencils from the teachers - but the office staff loves them. I will let you know when we are need of something - you have been wonderful to work with! Thanks again, ”

    Jacquie Bostwick
  • “Yes, both were excellent. Thank you very much for taking care of that. All schools were very happy. Thanks, ”

  • “Hi, Bryan. Hope this email finds you and your family doing well! I just stopped by the office to pick up a few things since no one is here and discovered the GSLT coins are here. They truly exceed my expectations!!! They are absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to give them to the students and adult leaders...whenever we are able to finally get together again. Again, I want to thank you and your team for the herculean feat you managed to pull off during this pandemic and for the superior quality of these coins. ”

    Nancy A. Ward
  • “I have my journals and they are awesome!!! Thank you.”

    Dr. Kellye Riggins
  • “You just made a stressful day end as a very happy day! Bless you! ”

    Kelli McCain
  • “Bryan thank you so much for personally picking up the last box of journals. Your customers service is just outstanding. Have a Great Expectation Weekend! ”

    Benita C. Goodman
  • “Hi Bryan, The padfolio is perfect! Thank you for all you do! ”

    Patti Blount
  • “Thank you so much Bryan! Yes, we love our journals. Our staff loves them as well. I am copying my new bookkeeper (Gaby Rivera), so she has your contact information. Thanks again for taking such good care of us!”

    Karen Lillard
  • “Bryan, A BIG THANKS to you. I will let you know when they arrive and give feedback. We are ready for a great school year and you are helping make it a success!!!! !”

    Janice Medlin
  • “They look great. Thanks Bryan.”

    Dr. Chesley B. Cypert
  • “Thank you Kelly, for your assistance with this..”

    Lynda Weingarten
  • “Wow! Thanks for the InKind Donation. We greatly appreciate that.”

    Clayborn Knight
  • “ Yes, they have arrived and they look awesome. ”

    Tamara J. Candis
  • “Yes, we received the masks and they are wonderful! My staff also received their pens and they were an absolute hit! Thank you for being such great partners..”

    Dr. Tereka Williams
  • “ They are very good! I tested them out and I know the students will enjoy them! ”

    Adina Hipp
  • “ Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. ”

    William Bo Ford
  • “ Tent looks awesome Thanks! ”

    Ken Johnson
  • “ We are LOVING the journals, but I think we are all set right now. I will definitely contact you in the future! ”

    Holly Warren
  • “ We are certainly most pleased with the products we ordered for Ferguson Elementary. Thank you for working so diligently with Ms. Watts to ensure timely delivery of all of the product. Delivery exceeded our expectations. We will be in touch again!”

    Angelique Mitchell
  • “ They came today!! They look amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Danyel Dollar Shiloh High School THEY ARE HERE!!!! and look awesome!!!! Thanks for taking such great care of us. ”

    Alicia Stephens
  • “ They turned out great. The team loves the coaster. ”

    Eric Thigpen

    Danyel Dollard
  • “Yes, we received the masks and they are wonderful! My staff also received their pens and they were an absolute hit! Thank you for being such great partners.”

    Dr. Tereka Williams
  • “The chargers were a huge hit with the faculty! Thanks for coming through on that, ”

    Dr. Bryan Long
  • “ You all are the epitome of what GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE should look like! THANK YOU for doing what you did to make our holiday luncheon special! The staff appreciated their gift and I appreciate you all. We've had others to ask about the gift that was given so I'm sending non-GCPS employees your way - heads up! Have a great holiday and again, THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ”

    Tammy Clay
  • “ Good afternoon Kelly, Although it was rough at times and I know that I almost made you want to pull your hair out, I just wanted to reach out to you in order to personally thank you for a job well done on the spirit wear. Everyone here at Radloff (including those who didn't order;) is ecstatic about the outcome. I KNOW that I will most likely be reaching out to you for follow-up orders and I definitely look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks a bunch! ”

    Shacondria Mercer
  • “ Love it!!! ”

    Pam J. Williams
  • “ Good morning. The pins look fantastic! Lanyards are great! I love the red blazer!!! ”

    Pam J. Williams
  • “ The tumblers have arrived and they look GREAT! Thanks so much! ”

    Beverly Fields
  • “ I filled up your sample cup (32oz) with ice that had been sitting in a cheap cooler for about 4 hours. The ice was already wet when I loaded it into your cup. I came back to the cup 24 hours later and the cup still had about half of the ice. I came back the following day and the ice was melted, but the water was still very, very cold. If I had used good ice, rather than the ice from the cafeteria ice machine, I believe the ice would have lasted even longer. I was so impressed that I decided to order 110 so I had extra's to give out to special guests. ”

    Thomas Trippany
  • “ Hi Kelly! I just wanted to let you know journals came yesterday. Thank you very much for staying on this. I will be sure to be in touch with you regarding future orders. Thanks again. ”

    Lisa Lumpe
  • “ Mr. James & Co. did a wonderful job of assessing my business needs, providing several high quality samples to choose from and delivered my order on time with no defects”

    Gary Ludgood
  • “Bryan truly cares about meeting his clients needs and serving them well. I recommend his services. Very easy to work with.”

    Chuck Hope
  • “ One of our core values in McDonald's is giving back to the communities in which we serve. Bryan James embodies that value in everything he does. His work with the RMHC and the many organizations he supports speaks to his passion for making the world a better place. Bryan helped designed a recognition and reward program that has motivated and inspired all my staff to be their best and get better results!! When I think of individuals who lead, influence and make a difference...I think of Bryan James ”

    Sharlene Smith
  • “ Yes, and they were Awesome!!!! Ya gotta come see.”

  • “ The towels were great! Thanks for the support!”

    Angie Wright
  • “ YGood quality. Colors on towels matched our school colors and have not faded after multiple washings. Would order again. Thanks Mr. James..”

    Kenney Wells
  • “ She loved it!!! It was a hit so we are definitely ordering for our retirements this year. We will send pictures soon.”

    Dion Jones
  • “ The banners turned out great and are a big hit! We will be sure to keep you updated with upcoming projects. Thank You! ”

    Chelsey Williams
  • “ The watch for TOTY was a BIG hit, you should have heard the ohs and ahs. Thank you!”

    Clent R. Chatham
  • “ I have had the opportunity to try the lip balm we recently purchased. This is truly a quality product. The lip balm is easy to apply, but not greasy feeling and yet not too solid that if feels waxy. The flavor I chose is citrus, which is a fresh mild taste and the fact it has a sunscreen in it, is just a bonus. I can't wait to give them out to our staff for Teacher Appreciation Week.”

    Patty Keimel
  • “ Mr. and Mrs. James: Mrs. Grimes presented me with my 2016-17 TOTY watch on Thursday at our faculty meeting. Thank you both so much for this beautiful and extravagant gift. I will wear it proudly and tell everyone where it comes from. We all appreciate your support of our Black Knight family. I will mail in the warranty this week. If I need to have a link taken out, should I just take it to a watch repair shop? Thanks so much...Deb Palmer”

    Deb Palmer
  • “We did and presented it to him during his lunch with our leadership team. He was impressed with it and we were as well. Thanks for the great products and service.”

    Eli Welch
  • “ Hi Bryan, Yes, she is delighted with the lunch bags. We will give them to the staff on December 21. I know they will be pleased as well. Have a great weekend!”

    Joanne Schroeder
  • “ Hi Kelly, I just received the Holiday Goodie you all sent!  Thank you so much for your help this year. You are AMAZING! I wish you a safe and happy holidays! ”

    Chelsey B. Williams
  • “ Bryan, Everyone LOVES them! Thank you,”

    Katherine Wickliffe
  • “ I love the journals and the flash drives. The pens are nice too.”

    Beau Pezoldt
  • “ Sorry Bryan for not getting back to you - they are perfect!!!”

    Jacquie Bostwick
  • “ Yes, they loved them. I still have the sample you gave me to show the cluster principals. How would you like me to get this back to you?”

    Cheri Carter
  • “Wonderful! Thank you for helping us and doing it so fast!”

    Linda Boyd
  • “The shirts are here and they look awesome!!!! Love they way they are already labeled it will make my job SO MUCH easier!!!!”

    Alicia Stephens
  • “They look great and the staff really like them! Thank you!! I really appreciate the extra efforts on your part to get them here on Friday!”

    Linda Boyd
  • “Kelly, everything was a great success. I love the light. The watch was loved and the blankets were amazing!!!! Thanks so much for your high quality business. ”

    Pam Williams
  • “We love them! Thank you for your attention to detail. The red NG looks nice on the mouse. Dr. Jones and I were talking yesterday that he's seen several teacher with the wired mouse and they will certainly enjoy the freedom a wireless mouse will offer. You and Kelly are always a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your partnership! Have a wonderful weekend!! ”

    Deborah Hamm
  • “Hi Bryan, Yes, they did and we are very pleased with the product and packaging. Thank you so much! We will be in touch with future needs as well. ”

    Laura Saucedo
  • “Thank you so much Bryan. We received them yesterday! Such a very sweet display of customer care. We also gave Thigpen a portfolio....he really liked them! So do we! Have a wonderful rest of your week!”

    Tinisha Parker
  • “The bags are here and I LOVE THEM! Dr. Dollard smiled and Jacquie was excited. Homerun!!!”

    Alicia Stephens
  • &ldquoWe received the pens today and LOVED them!!!”

    Kim McMillan
  • “Yay...buttons are here! I put them on your round table. Thanks Bryan!”

    Pam Frey
  • “Yes the order came in and of course I had to open one and check it out. The staff is going to be pleased. Thank you for your assistance with this order!”

    Kathleen Mooney
  • “Wow, that was fast! Thanks so much.”

    Pam Frey
  • “You got it! This tumbler is awesome! It has become my FAVORITE coffee mug! I use it every day!”

    Sid Camp
  • “Hi Soror Kelly, I received the GCAC tag frames today and I love them. Thank you so much for your awesome service. It is a pleasure working with your company.Thanks so much for everything.”

  • “Everything was great! Thanks. Exceeds. Thank you.”

    Lisa Rivera
  • “Yes- they were all done great. We received lots of accolades on our blazers and shirts too. Thank you!”

    Nury Crawford
  • “Good morning Kelly, Yes, all well! I would like to thank you for your outstanding customer service and attention to detail! Quite impressive!! Have a great week!”

    James Rayford
  • “I received the coins today. I love!!! Thank you so much!”

    Kassia Sutton
  • “They are perfect! Some teachers received their tumblers today and they are IN LOVE with them. Thank you for the super quick turnaround. You all are amazing! ”

    Dr. Guerlene Merisme
  • “I spoke to Kelly and informed her that the pen has been a huge hit!! Thank you for your continued support!”

    Dr. Williams
  • “I hope your afternoon is going great. I just wanted to compliment you on how nicely packaged the shirts were!!! I also appreciate you putting individual labels with names and sizes on EVERY shirt. It made checking the inventory and distributing very easy!! ”

  • “Hello Kelly, We gave out the jackets and vests to the staff this morning and everyone was so excited to receive them. They went on about how nice and warm they are. Thanks so much for your suggestion on the brand and working with us on the pricing. .”

    Wendy Strickland
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