Points Recognition

Our Capabilities
Sustainable Employee Engagement is the willing/able discretionary effort in which employees go the extra effort to meet or exceed company expectations. Unanimously, data agencies report that approximately 28% of the workforce is in fact engaged. Our sweet spot is consulting clients' to engage their workforce in a sustainable way potentially yielding stronger operating margins. Think of sustainable engagement as fuel which employees need to energize skills and talent. We have a proven track record of customizing recognition strategies for companies to improve outcomes, build a culture of recognition, MOTIVATE THE MIDDLE, reinforce company values, exceed targets, engage employees, enhance relations and celebrate excellence and achievement. We align custom solutions with organizations' clear objectives and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) achieving each client's organizational desired benchmarks. No one size fits all here...each program is tailored and branded to appear seamless consequently companies retain the meaningful employee moment of sustainable engagement through recognition!



Our Technology
We offer a robust SaaS-driven platform using technology as the great enabler. Our platform offers real time analytics, reporting, measurement, governance, 24/7 order redemption, employee wish list, administrative tools, scalable, SPOT, hierarchy, surveys, quizzes, nominations, peer to peer, drill down capabilities and much more. Our recognition websites are branded with clients' image delivering the perception of a seamless employer internal program.



Our Gallery
We offer an Amazon-styled gallery populated with over 10,000 employee choice selections including: dining, travel, vacations, experiences, fitness, electronics, digital downloads, toys, jewelry, home appliances and much more. We spend our clients' valuable time focusing on outcomes, not selecting merchandise.



Our Strategy
We offer a combined 50 years of experience in assisting companies in obtaining employee desired behaviors, building a culture of recognition, performance outcomes, incentive programs, wellness programs, on-boarding, employee engagement, safety programs and more.  Merit pay increases are not keeping pace with inflation, therefore organizations are seeking strategies of employee engagement and retention. That is the space we become a valuable partner! Our team will customize a solution aligning with organizational values, strategic objectives and performance targets creating meaningful employee moments and fostering better employee and management relations.