Kelly Bio Pick

About Kelly

At the heart of it all, I’m a girl who likes to be in a happy place so my family life, my work, my charitable giving, are all reflective of that.  I want the time I put into anything to yield something good, something fulfilling that makes a difference in some way.  Growing up in Louisiana in a big family with a caring community was an idyllic time for me with life being simple, yet pure and I carry that with me through life’s journey.

I approach life with practicality, but full of hope and faith that all will be good in my world!  And of course, it’s not always that way so that outlook gives me the strength I need to rise above the valleys and work through the challenging times.  When Bryan and I aren’t knee-deep in projects and developing best practices for our growing business, coaching our young adult children, spending quality time with our aging and ever-growing extended family, in fellowship with our church, we carve out time for each other – another of our best practices – with travel, date nights, cooking together, watching sports and movies, attending concerts, or simply allowing each other to be in their own space.  If I’m in my zone, I’m reading, entertaining, working on behalf of my beloved sorority or indulging in my guilty pleasure – TV dramas!

I work at connecting with people and building relationships in my business and volunteer projects so that I am invested in the desired outcome.  I mentor youth and young adults through schools and civic organizations, volunteer a variety of services for church and community, and serve as a school advisory council member to Bethesda Elementary, Benefield Elementary and board of director to Fortitude Foundation, Inc.

I enjoy the celebration of the end game so when my husband and partner, my family member, my friend, my fundraiser, and my client is happy, I’m in my happy place.