The Coronavirus may prove to be the reset we needed

  • Apr 13, 2020

I continue to search for my personal lessons, takeaway or discovery from this pandemic. Well, I have connected with many people in my phone contact list with a message of care. I have discovered how massive my contact list is (your network is your net worth). I have re-imagined my business to prepare for the opportunities which will come once this pandemic ends. I have narrowed our business focus of our authenticity to distinguish our team from competitors.


However, a nugget God has slowed my life down to observe is the achieved goal of attracting Purple Martins to the bird houses I hung. I stood there in the window enjoying a cup of coffee as though Elvis Presley reappeared.



How will organizations create more of these moments which encourage healthy cultures and foster employees to practice self-care, reflection, ideas, innovation and contributions.  Would it be called "Purple Martin Moments?"