Stainless Tumblers Continue to Amaze!

  • Feb 21, 2017

Our team has delivered again earning a new Fortune 500 client. We were given the opportunity to solve a problem of promoting a message of safety to the distribution and logistics organization of the company.

Well, we delivered by designing a 3-n-1 stainless tumbler, branded a message of safety (KPI). The utility to this solution is it targets drivers and converts from a hot/cold Tumbler for the work week, to an insulated bottle holder or can holder for weekend recreational use. We selected distinctive colors targeting various domains of distribution so at-a-glance those team members would be distinguishable by their contribution to the success of the organization.

The measurement is the message of safety is visible and a daily reminder of behavior as this solution offers the absolute utility for the culture.

I thank all team members and partners who contributed in a meaningful and measurable way to make this project a success.