Our purpose elevates our solutions

We build solutions that free end-buyers from timely product searches and enables teams to do their best work. In doing so, we continually bring out the best in each other. We are:



Relentless overachievers

From our supplier partnerships who support development of our solutions to the diverse team that keep our business running, CSI is filled with people who push the limits of what’s possible. Exceeding expectations is a baseline for us - so much so that our customers have come to expect it.  Daily, we reimagine our capabilities and deliverables so that our clients experience the most authentic outcome.

Professional listeners

Since 1993, our team has been forward thinkers and learners from the marketplace, trends, PPAI, ASI and GAPPP industry data and more importantly, with a high priority of learning our clients’ business.  Understanding our clients’ distinct needs, obstacles and desired outcomes propel our team above competitors by example of our projects and the clients we keep. 


Project management, execution and innovation

At heart, we are all inventors with a questing spirit that drives us to always look past what is to “what if”?  Our team consistently seeks to repurpose product solutions and think differently.  Innovation success requires technical execution and high skilled management to ensure delivery dates, decorating accuracy and client-desired outcomes. 

Champions of what matters

With every project we launch and every problem we solve, we aim to free our clients to focus on what matters most, their business!  Product solution outcomes are missing the mark if it isn’t helping people to do their best work, achieve their best results, and be their best administrators, every single day.


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